Team #23-591

The recent launches of Parker Solar Probe, Solar Orbiter, and BepiColombo offer unique opportunities for investigating the evolution and dynamics of the expanding solar wind.

This Team will perform coordinated studies using multi-point in-situ and remote observations from these and other spacecraft, which will allow us to obtain the most accurate measurements of the radial evolution of solar wind turbulence energy budget and overcome the broad uncertainty of the more standard single-spacecraft statistical estimates.

Data analysis, models and numerical simulations will be used to obtain such estimates and to subsequently address unresolved questions:

  1. How do turbulence properties and plasma heating precisely evolve with the heliocentric distance?
  2. How does the solar wind expansion affect these properties?
  3. Can solar-wind models be improved using multi-spacecraft observations?

This well complemented Team will tackle such questions to maximise the science return of the available spacecraft configurations in the inner heliosphere.