Useful Information

Join Our Team’s Slack Channel
A Slack channel has been created to facilitate quick discussions with our Team members before, during, and, after our meeting. Please keep in mind that this is an unpaid Slack workspace so at some point it might lock its full functionality and we may not be able to retrieve all the past history of discussions.
Please ensure that you keep your own records of important information exchanged on Slack (e.g. files exchanged, important notes, list of tasks, etc). We will be using Slack as an alternative communication channel as we see fit.

Announcement March 31 2022
The deadline for confirming your hotel reservations is on April 7, 2022. Each of you who will be attending in person, please provide to Ms Jennifer Fankhauser ( and please also cc Georgios & Mike) your arrival and departure dates in Bern until that date.

You may find the address, telephone number, as well as a city map of Bern showing the location of the hotel, the train station and ISSI on the ISSI web site:

At ISSI members will fill in forms for the purpose of per diem reimbursement. For ISSI it is the easiest if you make your own travel arrangements and then bring all the receipts to the meeting. The expenses will be reimbursed by bank transfer (make sure you have the IBAN and SWIFT information with you as many banks do not provide such info via their website).

For information regarding corona rules and current situation please visit: 

Please do not hesitate to contact Georgios and Mike and the ISSI secretary (Ms Fankhauser) for any further information.