Our Goal: Accurate estimates of Antarctic sea-ice thickness.

Considering recent and imminent additions of Earth Observing satellites, we seek to refine the methods for estimating Antarctic sea-ice thickness. Our team members have solid track records in their research fields and bring together their individual science expertise to build a comprehensive team of experts on sea ice in the Earth system. This includes satellite retrieval and algorithm development for altimetric and passive-microwave sensors, field-going observations, and numerical modelling of sea ice. Such disciplinary breadth places our team in an ideal position to 

  • assess and improve conversions of raw satellite data into physical variables (aided by simulations of satellite returns)
  • analyse satellite data for accuracy and consistency
  • define a suite of ground-truthing data to validate and calibrate satellite data
  • design and carry out appropriate field campaigns
  • communicate derived information to scientists for Earth System/Climate modelling.